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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
That's different from what you are asking for... the amp gains are irrelevant in setting the bit one input level for calibration/de-EQ when using either the low or high level inputs.

Regardless of using a processor/line driver or not, the amp gains are normally adjusted either based on how high you can turn the volume up without distortion (by ear) and then adjusting the gains to just below that distortion threshold or by following the JL Audio more technical process of measuring amp output voltages (page 10,
I was thinking of it in more general terms and not specifically to the BitOne. The reason this question came about is because a lot of DSPs or amp have clipping indicators that help you set the gain. The process is also done without the speakers connected so you can't do it by ear. You would have to set the output of the head unit to some pre-determined level and then set the gains based on that reference level using the clipping indicator. I guess the other way to do it would be like what you said and just listen for distortion which is typically how I've done it in the past but I was just looking for a way to take advantage of the clipping indicator provided.
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