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Originally Posted by revmmm View Post
+1. Is next Sunday (the 15th) too soon for everyone?. Slammed - it "sounds" like there are a lot of owners who want to check out your car to help make their decisions on their own mods. I would also love to talk about setting up a day drive for when the warmer weather is here in April. Sounds like a Niagara / Lake Erie drive might be an idea if people are not keen on going up to cottage country with the bugs.

I am away on March break the following week, but the 28th / 29th works well also. Do you think the same format as last time works well - meet at a Starbucks? Personally, I would choose one downtown like the one at Liberty Village on King West that has a huge parking lot because it is beside the grocery store, but I don't mind meeting on the north end if that is better for the majority of guys.
I'm good for the 15th. Any place works too.