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Angry Bucket Seats and My Big Dog (what to do?)

I love my 330ci convertible... but my dog hates it. She is a service (hearing) dog and my best friend. She goes every where with me... but unfortunately she grins (literally) every time I go to use this car. I have tried everything, even cutting up a bed and trying to do a custom cover myself. These are the problems...

the leather is very slippery and doesnt keep anything in place that i have put on it.

the bucket is a funky square and she is too big to fit in one side so the middle is uncomfortable.

I would like to have something custom that makes it into a flat level service.... but i cant find any place to do this??

I have read the posts (I know some of you say you wouldnt let your dog in, but my dog is more important to me than any of my friends even!) I dont care if she scratches anything and shes not going to chew anything. I am planning to sell it if i cant figure out a solution to make her comfortable.

Please advise? can you help?