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Originally Posted by b man View Post
The tires are 300 front and 315 rear.... so theres about $1200 of MSRP new tires there.... so if the wheels are $500 a piece... im at $3200... you do the math... then the tire pressure monitors are? $75ea.. so another $300... $3500.... and im not sure what the wheels are at the stealer, im pretty sure they are more then $500... I think its a pretty fair deal.... But if anyone wants to PM a offer, go ahead....
That's great but that isn't what the market is, which is what I said trying to help you out. If you took the time to search you would see the same thing.

19s for $1800

18s for $1600

18s for $1700

18s for $1600

18s for $1750

Then again, there is always the lesser fool theory...