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Originally Posted by 993 911 View Post
Just watch the speeding tickets, my insurance company just found out about mine from last fall and they pulled my "Safe Teen Drive Discount" and raised the rate a little, bringing up the rate about 25% total. I'm 18 and have to wait until I'm 25 or married to get it back to normal...

Enjoy the car and don't let your "friends" force you into being their taxi. Matter of fact, never drive anyone in your car who you don't absolutely trust.

I also got a M3 for my first car (albeit a '99 vert with 56k miles on it and about 400 less horsepower than yours) and found myself constantly bombarded with buddies asking for rides and trying to talk me into putting on a show for them. Be safe, remember that the car is a responsibility and a gift that your parents trust you with.

Enjoy it!
99 M3's were 19 horsepower?

lol anyway, I love seeing all the people riled up on this kid. Good show, but kid, please drive safe and don't give rides. All there is to it imho. Kid seems responsible, unlike other 16 year olds on forums I have seen "DUDE I will smokzorz everything nowzzz"......just drive safe, its waaay more worth it than fuckign around. First think about how pissed your parents would be if you fucked up or how sad they would be if you died *especially after buying you a really nice gift for your 16th. SERIOUSLY keep them in thought, every time you drive the damn thing. It's because of THEM you're driving it, so respect them and be safe at all times and tell people to fuck off (haters and moochers)
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