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HID angels and Queens Midtown tunnel

So apparently HID angles are not good when driving through a checkpoint on your way into NYC. A couple of cops and armed guards were standing in the cash toll lane just looking for stuff to pull people over for. As I pull up the cop directs me to pull over to side. He then walks up to my window and asks "why are your high beams on?" I said they are not on. He looked at me puzzled and repeated his question. I then flipped the high beams on for him and said look here's my high beams. The look of confusion and embarrassment on the cops face was priceless. He then asked me why four lights are lit up on the front of my car. I had to try and explain those are just the DRLs all BMWs have four lights. I get the the same puzzled stare again. He then walks to the front of my car and notices no license plate and decides after embarrassing himself on the lights he can question me about the plate. He says "where's your plate?" I said there is no plate on the front, he says "I didn't ask that, I said where is your plate?" So I told him it was home cause there's no way to attach it to my car. I receive the same puzzled stare a third time. He then said he was going to let me of with no tickets but I'm not allowed to go through the tunnel. He directs around a cop car and says I have to use 59th st bridge instead. I never got kicked out of the tunnel before haha. Didn't think it was possible.

So HIDs aren't appreciated at traffic stops. But since they don't project forward they have never received a complaint from oncoming traffic.