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So I just thought I would share this with u guys. After doing some research on exhaust flow etc...I was noticing how most of the aftermarket exhaust systems for our cars are making the x pipe right before the resonators (towards the middle). Where as Gintanis systems x pipe is right after the section 1 (more towards the front). So after reading about flow and how it pulls and pushes, technically this system should have some of the best flow and the resonators and mufflers provide the backpressure.

This is due to the x pipes location. It was put where it doesnt interfere with the exhaust flow. As one of the banks crosses it pushes one side and pulls the other bank through (Venturi Effect). This keeps the flow going. Also if u look closely there is also 2 slight bends after the x pipe also making the flow continue. There is no real sharp angles in the whole exhaust systems. Other companies seem to be making their angles sharper and if u look at their systems it seems as if the exhaust flow needs to work a bit harder. Now It really wont make a big difference cause their all mandrel bent but it might be enough for a few more ponies. So I guess the dyno will say it all.