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Originally Posted by volinder View Post
Its so funny how everyone is a bandwagon jumper on this forum. V1.47fan is absolutely correct. If a company can't get a simple order right, it shows the lack of organization and the lack of care on their part.

That being said, one retard here brings up people with cancer and others are so quick to jump on the same bandwagon.

I live up in Canada, and if my orders are wrong, its such a hassle to ship back, pay customs twice, yada yada yada...

I think this forum needs a reality check, and needs less pathetic idiots spending their time defending stupid companies that can't get a simple order right.
I felt the need to speak, seeing as I am the "retard" to whom was referrred.

Don't worry, volinder, I'll go slowly. I have a feeling we need to pitch to this guy underhand....

You are apparently unaware of the usage of "sarcasm". You might want to look this up on one of the many available internet search engines. I can send you links, if you require assistance.

Perhaps, just maybe, you might consider the fact that others did not "jump on the same bandwagon", but rather, wished to express their opinion, which is sort of what an internet discussion forum is all about, no? That their opinions contrased markedly to that of the OP, may not be an indication of jumping on any bandwagons, but rather, that the OP might have expressed himself a LITTLE strongly? To wit, the OP (that's original poster, BTW (that's by the way, by the way)), backed off to a certain degree, in subsequent posts.

I would try and explain to you the reasoning behind me posting my initial reply, but I have get the distinct feeling that the meaning would be lost. Simply, there is a broad spectrum of crap that one can encounter in life. An order that has been filled incorrectly, to me at least, is very much on the low end of that spectrum. It would appear that you share the opinion of the OP, in that you view this as a cataclysmic event, entailing that the vendor (or vendors) is labelled as "stupid". I should empathize with you wholeheartedly, should you ever encounter true hardship (which you may well have had the misfortune of having to deal with - again, I don't know, so I choose not to make assumptions).

I can quite confidently say that I am not a "retard", nor are any of the other posters "pathetic".

I would not even go so far as to say that you are as bad as the original poster. Not at all. I believe you have created a competely new category of ignorance, all to yourself, on an entirely different plane, altogether. This is just my opinion, of course. You are free to lambast me, or others, at will, with sound foundation or otherwise, which, in retrospect, is exactly what it would appear you have chosen to do.

BTW, I live in Canada, too - not that far away from you, actually. I HAVE had orders screwed up from the States, and from further away than that. As Schnell325 said - none of the vendors screws up on purpose.

Radiation Joe - well said. This thread should be closed.

Apologies to all, for my little tirade, here - it is not my wish to engage in ANY inflammatory diatribe. I don't appreciate being called a retard, and needed to vent a little.

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