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Originally Posted by Nucking Futs! View Post
1) Price of mid & front section? Is there a combo price if I buy all 3 sections?

2) Curious why Gintani left resonators on there...To avoid a rasp?

3) Weight savings for headerback & rear section each?

4) Pics of it off the M3 if you have any?

5) What did you do about the CEL (that's going to show up if it hasn't already)?

6) We need a headerback dyno shootout of Gintani vs RPi. As in, stock M3 vs Gintani vs RPi all on one M3. I'll gladly chip in for labor & dyno session if others do so as well.

Well this is just the prototype and all the info your asking should b available with in a week and I will post it ASAP. All I know is its a lot lighter then stock, It sounds amazing and the car feels like its pulling a lot harder now... If u have any questions u can just call Alex at Gintani and ask him personally. Hes a super koo guy, Im sure he wont mind. Heres the shop number (818) 787-8260