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Another Wheel Spacer Question/ Dilema ---Spacers

I've done quite a lot of searching over teh last week or so and have found that I'm no less perplexed than when I started. Here's my dliema that I would like opinions on...

I have two sets of wheels (specs below) from my 08 335 that I am trying to decide between. Though I'm leaning more towards the 20s (for pure aesthetics reasons).

DPE S-10 (Black w/ chrome lip)
20 x 9
20 x 10
et 40 (on both, I think)
Very nice (flush) fitment on my 335, with 235/35 & 275/30 rolled fenders.

*I purchased new tires 255/30 & 295/30) for the M3 using these wheels but have not mounted them yet.

Breyton GTS Race (Matte Black)
19 x 8.5 et 30
19 x 9.5 et 35
On 335i: Perfect front fitment but required 10mm spacer on rear)

I test fit the 20's with the 10mm spacers I had and found the rears to need at least another 5mm and the fronts at least 25mm spacer.

Since I found at lot of info on here that dicredited larger spacers, I called H&R and asked for options. On the M3, they recommend up to a 25mm spacer and strongly recommended their DRA series which allows for the use of your exisiting lugs/ stock length.

I found that the 19" Breytons have already been successfully installed by couple of forum members with 12-15mm spacers.

So, what are your thoughts??? Like I said, I like the look of the 20" DPE wheels but don't want complications down the road by using thick spacers to get a flush look.

Thanks in advance for your input!