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Originally Posted by slammedm3 View Post
for those without comfort access, it is a great buy for the selling price
but for anyone with comfort access, and they are only purchasing the device in order to be able drop the top while moving, and being able to have a one touch button instead of having to hold it...its a bit pricey for those 2 features IMHO.

Again, Im not saying that it isn't worth it, because anyone who doesn't have CA, this is a deal and a half.

****I say this because if the car is equipped with Comfort Access, then you can open and close the roof from the key fob
I have CA on my car and got the smartTOP module and I must say it is worth every penny. It's true that with CA you can open and close the top with the key however with this module you can do it from the key and walk away without having to wait for it to finish. The top will come up, windows will come up and the car will lock itself.

The other great thing is you can also open the top while approaching the car with the key and get in the car, start it and even drive off (all when the top is still folding). I used to hate having to stand outside and not be able to open the door until the top is done folding.

Anyway it's fortunate for most that spring is coming however here in the UAE the topdown season is close to an end (at least during the day) as the weather is starting to get warm!