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Oh..What wheels are you running now??

Well, I got it real cheaper when the before euro went up...I got mine for 1000 USD shipped next day to US address and hand carry back...

3D rep lips...i got it around 8xx USD shipped to Hong Kong...i try to get it from taiwan..but they cost about the same and the seller (JL Motoring) is pretty I went from there...

If you going to copy it, you really need to have someone with a real lip to do so...which I don't think anyone here has the real thing in Hong Kong as I know I think TOP MAX use 2 x 2 CF right? (I rarely see people use 1 x 1 here in HKG) Coz my rep is 1 x 1 CF..

Plans are going to be Ericsson Trunk, Xenon interior's (Jlevis isn't working too good for me, I'm might be selling them out)

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na.....just took my for the wheel changes again, as the spacer isn't 100% tight fit. sighh.....

So where did you order your 3d rep lip and the diffuser? i am very interested about it....oh much is it...if you dun mind telling me. on the other hand i might ask Top max to make me the replica, as it is lot cheaper.

Also i how much did you bought the Performance wheel, i checked with BMW they said 15500 include installment for manual only. i wounder if it would be cheaper if i order oversea and let them install for me.

for the future Mod list will be:

Pully, Sport Cat, X-pipe, and ECU (for this one, i am still searching any available in HK).