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Originally Posted by King Tut View Post
The rears are quite different from the fronts from the factory though. Have you seen the sidewall on an OEM 18" rear tire? We run a staggered setup so don't be afraid to show it. By the way versus my OEM 18"s the fronts are .4" shorter overall or .2" less sidewall and the rears are .6" taller overall or .3" more sidewall. Other things factor in such as the OEM tires being stretched more than my new ones. The new tires are pretty flush to the edge of the rim so that makes them look even taller.
Wheelsto has my set and we are debating the look of the fronts with 245/35-19 front with a 285/35-19 rear. I might just go 285/30-19 rear, it'll still be staggered, I am worried about the sidewall height.

We'll have pics in a day or so so maybe I'll post for opinions

Car does look great, and the Volks are effin better, almost the best wheels period