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Originally Posted by hankit View Post
Alvinlun...what happen to your car? is it going service or installing new stuff??

I got my car down to install 3d rep lip, and VRS Type II diffuser...

I still haven't figure out the stupid wheel installation yet...sighhh
na.....just took my for the wheel changes again, as the spacer isn't 100% tight fit. sighh.....

So where did you order your 3d rep lip and the diffuser? i am very interested about it....oh much is it...if you dun mind telling me. on the other hand i might ask Top max to make me the replica, as it is lot cheaper.

Also i how much did you bought the Performance wheel, i checked with BMW they said 15500 include installment for manual only. i wounder if it would be cheaper if i order oversea and let them install for me.

for the future Mod list will be:

Pully, Sport Cat, X-pipe, and ECU (for this one, i am still searching any available in HK).