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Originally Posted by Radiation Joe View Post
I've done business with TCKline, Ground-Control, Dinan, UCC, Bimmerworld, Rogue, Tire Rack and others. I've had various problems with many of them. I don't get on an internet forum and bash them. I get on the phone and work out the problems. I'll bet I've returned more stuff to TCK than you've ordered from them. TC just personally brought a car out from Ohio to California for me to use for a week. We get along fine.

I appologize for my drunk typing last night, but vendor or dealership bashing is one of my hot buttons. I've dealt with some of the worst in my years, but I've always found that my best chance for a reasonable remedy comes from calm logical negotiation. Everyone makes mistakes. How you handle those mistakes is an indicator of your character. Hope that helps.
Well talking about TCK,I've dealt with Pete a lot,I have nothing but praises for them same with Jegs,tire rack etc.

It wasn't so much the transit time,I thought they would've double checked what they were sending out.

It's just I set aside time for the new tires and spacers 2 weeks after I ordered em just to find out I was missing stuff and had the wrong spacers in the shop.

I didn't lose any sleep over it, I hoped the guys at MB would see this thread and maybe improve their service by having their guys double check the products going out.

I'm not very patient when it comes to my cars and mods and that's my fault this is the first time I've posted such a thread and it's because I held and hold MB to a higher standard.

Anyway,they promptly resolved the problem and I'd use them again.