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Originally Posted by Radiation Joe View Post
Don't be a total jerk to Mod Bargains. I understand your whiny, bitchy world has been turned upside down by their inconsiderate treatment of you, O great princess. Too bad you weren't smart enough to find your spacers along with the rest of your Tirerack order. By the way, the best spacers come from Rogue Engineering, but I'm afraid they might put the tape on crooked on your shipping box and then you'd be in a tizzy again. Heaven forbid, we'd have to listen to another of your tirades.

Really, What were you thinking when you started this thread? Did you think we'd all come to your defense and bash MB along with you? Did you think we'd all think MB sucks because some princess told us so?
Hey! Genius.

How much better do you think Rogue Engineering wheel spacers are?
I wouldn't mind it if they put the tape crooked on the shipping box.hahaha