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For those who my still be viewing this thread. I have PM'd several Eisenmann and A.A. owners for additional feedback. Many thanks to those who have responded. Here is what I have learned:

Eisenmann Sport:
-Very subtle, not much (if any) louder than stock. I have heard it and would agree, very bass tone and nice.
-While, likely the quietest exhaust in the group, one reported, "...still sets off car alarms in my parking garage at work if I rev hard..."
-excellent fit/finish, quality and tone. No install problems noted, many awaiting bolt-on pipes.
-No reported drone
-No complaints from anyone on product or service

Active Autowerke:
-Louder than stock but, not by much. Perhaps slightly more high pitch (F1-ish) than Eisenmann sport.
-Excellent fit/finish, no install problems to be noted. PERSONAL NOTE: I have read the complaints about the noise canceling canisters (looks odd, not generally popular). However, to me, it looks interesting and clearly shows there is something other than stock going on underneath...not all bad. I have noted that, in pcitures, it seems the right side NCC consistently seems lower, perhaps A.A. can offer a thought. Maybe just picture angles but, several pics.
-Slight drone around 2,000RPM, reported by some but many have noted this exists around the same RPM as the stock exhaust slight drone. One report that this drone was not detectable in-cabin but could tell slightly outside cabin. Another report that the drone disappeared (at least perceptuallly) after a couple hundred miles. No one indicated that it was a significant factor.
-No complaints from anyone on product or ultimately service (one shipping issue but was quickly resloved)

Just an FYI to those who might be interested. Both products are pretty expensive and given the economic times, this is not a small decision for many. None-the-less, I maintain that a V8 is a terrible thing to waste on the stock exhaust, and the consensus truly seems to be that either is an acceptable alternative in the "premium exhaust system" category.