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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by EmPower View Post
I never liked the e82s when they first came out, but I see this particular red 135i every day and Imust admit, it is beginning to grow on me... and it looks hot in the side and rear profiles. I bet its a nifty little package to drive too. Case in point, I was talking to this guy yesterday who came off a lease from an 06 911 C4 and has had the opportunity to own several BMWs in his life, and we had to agree that the 2002 and the e30s are as pure as they will get. The new cars are porkers, take for instance the 2010 Z4.... the S-drive 3.0 is nearly 4000lbs... 4000 LBS.... that is f**** insane. That car should weigh half that. I love the design, but no way in hell am i driving a 4000lbs roadster
Z4 S-Drive 3.0 with an AUTO is approx 3500lbs. that's not "near'y" 4000lbs.
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