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Originally Posted by lurks View Post
Big Windy,

Thanks for this post. I have one. I read what you said about the cornering lamps and dismissed it. I got mine last year so I thought maybe this was an upgrade. I was already so impressed with the car and Jakob's work. No way I said then forgot about it. Later on for the heck of it I took up the car, turned the headlights on and turned the wheel. I almost crapped my pants. The lights are so bright and focused into the corner just like the real thing. Reading more of the post I decided to try the brake lights. I almost fell over.

The only instructions that came with the car relates to putting tape on the battery and how to insert and remove battery from the engine bay.

I support the group buy idea. Jakob is a cool and HONEST guy.

Big Windy, what other surprises does the car have?

BTW: I have the AW with CF roof. AWESOME model and WORKMANSHIP.
Cool, lurks! I didn't know if anybody else had one. Jakob could definitely use somebody getting the word out for him, so hopefully this thread will get others interested. I'll agree that he is a cool and honest guy...something that is hard to find in a lot of internet business these days.

I don't know of any other surprises, but I just know that this is the sweetest model I'll probably ever own!