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Originally Posted by pawarrant
This is a difficult war to win. I don't think people realize that it will probably last longer than our life time. This war is unique since 1 terrorist can cause so much death and destruction. Unfortunately because of the terrorist's mind set they have dictated that every last one of them must be killed or captured to end the threat. I acknowledge that this is impossible. Although, the American people will not stand for another major event in the US especially a nuke or bio attack. If this were to occur I don't think our leaders will sit back and try to go after a handful of people. As in any war, I believe we will win when peace is achieved. Like I said, the terrorists are not rational and will not surrender until they are ball dead or captured.
What do you think the USA would do if (god forbid) an attack like 9/11 happened again?

As I have said before I think the US invasion of Afghanistan was correct morally and politically. If an attack of that scale happened in the UK and was planned on foreign soil I would expect us to go to a full scale war, not a 'war on terror'.

At least you acknowledge that the threat of terrorism will always exist.