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Modell-Lichtsysteme M3


I wanted to share my Modell-Lichtsysteme M3 with you. I remember someone discussing it before (and I know there is a thread over on about it), but I am not sure if anyone actually owns one here. I bought the model last December and it has been "in the shop" for the past two months. I just got it back yesterday, and it is SO AWESOME! Granted, it was totally frivolous, but I leave Germany for good in two days and I wanted to get this before I left.

The work is done by a gentleman named Jakob Michel. He runs the private business he calls "Modell-Lichtsysteme." There are several options that you can get (full lights, only exterior lights, only interior lights, etc...), but I just went for fully loaded: 180 euro. I think that just exterior lighting runs about 100 euro. He can do this with other models too: Audi R8, RS4, 7er, 6er, a few Mercs, and some others I can't remember.

The quality of work is top notch. I have no clue how he does this so carefully and effectively. The only part that you can notice where work has been done is around the edges of the intake and obviously on the bottom of the car.

Here is the video of Jakob's work on an AW model:

Enjoy the pics!
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