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My experience with BMW of Darien..... so far.

From 2002-current I have had the following BMWs:

2002 325Ci vert
2003 M3 coupe
2005 X5 4.8is
2005 M3 ZCP

All of these cars were purchased from Westchester BMW. When it was time to order the E92, naturally I went back to WBMW. They are 10 minutes from my home so it was very convenient for me to visit the dealership for service or parts. The guy who I bought my last car from (05 M3) was not working for the dealership anymore. I didnt recognize any of the salesman as I never dealt with them. So I spoke to the first person who approached me. Big mistake. To put it in simplist terms, even while knowing I was a repeat customer (a pretty good customer too) he was still a complete dickhead and I left that dealership with no intentions of returning. I should of known better after they gave me a hard time to service my cars because they were modified. Getting regular maintanance servicing was a hassle because they would always bitch and complain about modifications done to the car, always threatening that they could void my waranty and such. I had it out with the Service manager once and I promised myself I would never go back there again. Now that I think back on it, I dont know why the hell I ever went back there again after that. That was a mistake on my part.

I have a friend who works for BMW of Darien so I gave him a call. He introduced me to Steve Kozlowski, the salesman Ive been dealing with all along so far. All I have to say about Steve is he is a great guy. He is not pushy at all, and has had unbelievable amount of patience with me so far. He really makes you feel like an appreciated customer and theres no pressure with this guy. He is very understanding and will do whatever he can to help out his customers. He gave me the lowest price on a ordered 09 M3 coupe and told me he would throw in free M3 floormats too. He gave me an excellent deal that I couldnt turn down. I can not stress enough what a pleasure it has been so far dealing with Steve, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to you fellow enthusiests. You would not be dissapointed.

We placed the order for the car about a week ago so I have not picken it up yet. I think another 5-6 weeks. The wait is killing me, I am very excited to get this car! I will post the rest of my review on Steve and this dealership once I take delivery. I am confident that I will be VERY happy with my overall experience with these guys at Darien.

Although I didnt buy my E46 from this dealership, they still serviced my old M3 for me and never complained about it being tweaked. They even gave me a BMW service loaner (on many occassions actually), which they are NOT required to do since I didnt buy the car from them. That really says a lot about the level of service at Darien and it only makes sense for me to buy my E92 from them.

If anyone needs Steves number here it is. 203.662.2018.

He is a stand up guy and I personally promise you that you will be more then satisfied with the level of service you recieve from Steve and the rest of the staff at BMW of Darien.