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Originally Posted by masmole View Post
Based on how the car has behaved for you at the track or based on how you feel the car behaves in general despite your current track experience (or lack thereof), what are your thoughts on optimal tire setup? Square or Staggered?

I understand that the Turner motorsports E90 M3 runs a square setup with 275s all around but after watching the in-car videos of that car getting a good flogging, it seemed to me that it had a stronger tendency for oversteer based on all the frequent opposite lock that had to be dialed -in by the driver in the corners. Granted, the driver was very highly skilled and was driving the wheels off that car, but that was my impression.

Imo the reson behind turning the opposite lock in the turn might be that the driver rotated the car too much at cormer entry.
However, before you spend thousands of dollars on wheels and tires, spend 30 bucks on a book.
Carl Lopez: Going Faster! available on or ebay.
I promise you wont regret it. I tracked 15 days in '08 and this book helped me along a great deal to understand the driving dynamics of track driving from slip to yaw angles, car rotation, trailing throttle oversteer, throttle understeer, etc.