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People can say evolution is heresy or anti-religious becase it questions beliefs of the last several thousand years, but we'll never advance as a society in areas of biology or genetics if we choose to dismiss it as being evil.

First and foremost, I think it's mostly true that the number one priority of all species is self-preservation. So if that means dismissing *SOME* religious dogma in order for the whole society to advance in medical and biological research, by all means I think we should do it. If it leads to people being more healthy and living longer lives, why shouldn't we?

I consider myself a very scientific person. I need proof before I believe pretty much anything. But ever since I studied A&P I&II in college, I myself, am convinced there is more to the story of life than evolution. How do scientists explain the creation of specialized organs and tissues like an eye. And how do they explain instinct or processes of thought? So yeah, I guess I somewhat subscribe to intelligent design, though I'm not very familiar with this theory.