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Originally Posted by Jared@ACGsandiego View Post
hahah that sounds like a wild night. True Life- I drive a badass M3 haha.
Tell me about it..

I was out in Boston the other night...

7:00pm Begin driving to the city.. i'm on the highway cruising around 80-85 in the middle lane.. casually pass an S4 (bi-turbo) with the usual mods (exhaust, springs, etc).. he starts speeding up.. i don't pay much attention but as i speed up slowly so does he.. so i slow down to let him go ahead of me.. he slows down.. this happens for almost a mile or two until i get fed up.. tap the POWER button.. downshift to 4th and gun it.. got a good lead on him and didn't let him catch up

7:25 Arrive to the city 15 mins ahead of schedule (go figure)

7:35 I'm over on Boylston picking up a friend when a Red E46 M3 with Red Wheels drives by.. revvs his engine.. and guns it on a heavily populated street

8:00 I'm going by Boston University when I need to make a turn.. the light is green for my left turn but i see some cute girls considering to cross the street before I get to the intersection.. I simply shut off my headlights (leave the white angel eyes in darkness) and revv my motor.. i hear them scream and run back to the sidewalk

2:30am I'm leaving the parking garage.. I'm cruising through the lot when I see two fine birds hogging the entire lane by walking right in the middle so i pull the angel eyes out and give the motor a quick revv.. one girl screams.. the other looks back and gives me a seductive and pissed off stare..

4:30am Hit the highways home and enjoy the sunrise while cruising at autobahn speeds

A day in the life of an M3..
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