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Originally Posted by AMOCHOSTO View Post
Downtown offered me the $10,000 factory rebate on '08 e92 and 15,000 on '08 e93, but nothing else (although I wasn't there to negotiate). Sales guy there told me the discounts and financing on the '08s at the end of last year were unprecedented and that there have never and will never be deals or finance rates like that again on M's. I felt like he was feeding me a line of bs and it left a bitter taste in my mouth. Finance rates in the US on M's are much lower than here.

I Didn't get a quote at Parkview to be honest, I just went there to look at Interlagos Blue, which is the colour I want. They had an 08 E93 in IB there.

Well, if anything the price on the left over 08 M3s should be better now it's almost March 09!!! But the residuals are getting knocked down as well!

Parkview and BMW Toronto always start with a really high price so no matter how much you negotiate it down they still make sure that they can get their cut! Just my personal experience dealing with them and asking for formal quotes!

But call around so at least you have an idea about what what your starting point would be.