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Originally Posted by pawarrant
Why do you keep calling solutions "black or white"? A solution to a problem is either right or wrong.
That is the problem. You need to read up on your philosophy. Are right and wrong immutable concepts?

What about a decision between 2 outcomes which are both 'right', how to you determine which is most 'right'?

Even worse what about a decision between 2 wrongs - if people are going to be hurt by your actions do 'the needs of the many out justify the needs of the few'? In that case, does 'the end justify the means'?

The point being made was that conservatives seem to see the world in absolutes. Moderates do not.

There are 2 sides to every story and both need to be considered before determining an appropriate course of action. People with strong opinions often fail to fully understand how they have formed their opinions and they also fail to re-examine them - often continuing with losing strategies.

I am not worried about how people view me, but I am worried about how I view myself.