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do a wheelie!!!
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Destroyed Tires...

So I got some tires about a week ago, and I thought "why not destroy these tires before I swap them?" So we drove around looking for an empty lot. We ended up on an empty road up in the mountains overlooking the city. (no people cars anything) it was a dead end so no one ever goes there (I'm trying not to kill anyone, hit anything, or get arrested) so I pull in to the empty road with my 2 friends and theres a little white C-class parked with what looks like no one in it, but I flashed my lights and I see a dudes face and suddenly a girls head pops up from his lap. they looked super scared and we started cracking up, we pulled up next to them gave the dude a . I whipped it around for a little and took off. (we thought they might want some privacy) before the night was completely ruined we ended up in my old high school parking lot where I saw a couple people I went to school with (smoking weed) and we whipped it around in that parking lot for a while. I'm getting my tires put on right now so all is good