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Originally Posted by !Xoible View Post
he agrees with you, he specifically is talking about introducing static physical buttons that do one and only one thing in the new system vs. the dynamic nature of the old buttons that can perform different things based on the screen. In terms of technology and software development this is definitely a step backwards. In terms of usage, etc. maybe not.
Actually, what you want in software development is to have the "simplest" software code possible that can perform as many different functions as possible without useless complexity. Having different functions depending on the screen is not the simplest code possible; that's a bug magnet when you try to change that code to do something slightly different in a different screen and a customer focus of complaints when the code is doing their "thing" and not what the customer naturally expects.

For me, the new iDrive is using a simple, unified code to instill familiarity and ease of navigating thru the menus. It should be easier and cheaper for BMW to maintain and update, and it should be easier for the customer to use and be satisfied without useless dealer visits.

I think that what is a really step backwards is the whole "Vehicle Order" code structure in BMWs, where the whole car has to be flashed if one module needs updating. That's where a bunch of complaints are coming from... one module is fixed while another not previously having issues now is not working properly.