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Originally Posted by Mikewarlover View Post
i had the old idrive on my previous car and overall i enjoyed it. It is a great system once you are comfortable with it. However the new one can be more easily accessed by those who are electronic dummies and housewives especially. My dad who is in his mid forties would definitely prefer the new one to the old. As he didnt even wanna touch anything when he was in my car cause he was so afraid to go into the rong menue and resetting everything. In his benz s class (the 04model) he can operate everything with ease. Same with a lot of the older guys i guess.
Are you saying mid-forties is "older guys" Jesus, are you 12? If so print your text and when you are 45 put it somewhere dark and "crappy"...sorry OT but jeez..."rong" starts with a w by the way.
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