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Originally Posted by jimmyeatsworld View Post
I am in Fullerton, and am interested in the setup. Is there a way I can check the system out in person on the weekend? If you can do next Saturday that would be great.

BTW, by buddy Ernest had nothing but good things to say about RPI.
I should have one installed on a car this week. If the car is still here for installation, you can see/hear it this Saturday since we have a dyno day this sat.

Originally Posted by Nucking Futs! View Post
Can I see pics of it off the M3 as well? Also, can you powdercoat it a semi-high gloss black like Gintani? I don't no bling tips. So is this more of a high-pitched tuned v8 sound or a Mustang v8 rumble? Thx!
We wont be able to custom color the tips to order. If you dont want shiny tips, just dont clean them. ALso, the M3 does NOT have the same high pitch engine sound characteristics as the M5. The M3 has always had a distinct sound.