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Sorry guys, for the lack of information, its the extended maintenance plan, i guess. in canada, we get the standard service and oil changes and that type of stuff included. but this is the plan that includes clutch, wiper blades, brakes, etc...
like you buy it on top of the regular included services, i was told it covers wear and tear, in lamens terms.
so i was wondering if it was worth it, and if 3 years is the right period to take it for as the price nearly doubles for 4 years. my main question is it worth it on a car that is likely to not see the track or be driven really hard. city and winter and highway mostly, but i drive a lot. so i was wondering essentially, how long a clutch, brakes and such would last with normal average use...i know this is hard to estimate, but i do 70 km a day or a bit under, 70% highway, and a fair amount of city traffic.