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Originally Posted by HIS4 View Post
I've just never really liked the tweeters but I've never heard them in a system that was really tuned well so maybe it was the application more than the speakers themselves. The Morels can be good with a ton of power put to them but I just feel that they are way overpriced. I'd be happy to run them as well as the Rainbows if they could be had for a lot less than their $700 MSRP (Referring to the Morel Hybrid Ovation 4 and Rainbow Vanadium 210 sets).
Thats fair. These Focals should be perfectly tuned when its all said and done. The equipment going to them and the shop doing it...both reputations preceed them. I'll be posting a thread with pics, inventory, analysis, etc. I talked to consulted a few people extensively prior to making my decision. Technic was one.

And no, the equipment going to them is not BB Store bought. LOL. I will admit, I did go with some average 8's under the seat to avoid doing any modifications to the factory enclosures though