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Originally Posted by Adonislike View Post
I agree. I wouldnt put any other Focal in this car except for the K2P 100 KRS. That is their best components, other than the Utopia Be line of course. I listened to the Morels and I wasnt impressed compared to the Focals. I guess I didnt hear the harshness which is something I as well am very cognizant of. I like a smooth sound so to speak and I thought the Focal provided the best option w/o changing the factory speaker cut outs.

You really think they are harsh??

I've just never really liked the tweeters but I've never heard them in a system that was really tuned well so maybe it was the application more than the speakers themselves. The Morels can be good with a ton of power put to them but I just feel that they are way overpriced. I'd be happy to run them as well as the Rainbows if they could be had for a lot less than their $700 MSRP (Referring to the Morel Hybrid Ovation 4 and Rainbow Vanadium 210 sets).
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