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Originally Posted by HIS4 View Post
While I've always liked Focal mids, the lower end tweeters are too harsh for me. The Be tweeters are very good but the others are too harsh. I really want to try the Rainbow Vanadiums but they are overpriced. So are the Morel Hybrid Ovations.
I agree. I wouldnt put any other Focal in this car except for the K2P 100 KRS. That is their best components, other than the Utopia Be line of course. I listened to the Morels and I wasnt impressed compared to the Focals. I guess I didnt hear the harshness which is something I as well am very cognizant of. I like a smooth sound so to speak and I thought the Focal provided the best option w/o changing the factory speaker cut outs.

You really think they are harsh??