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The French... a topic that will always get Americans going. On an individual level, the French folks that I've had interaction with have been decent people. Now their leaders and policies as a nation, that's something else. The French, in my opinion are very selfish and only does what is good for France (example: Charles DeGaulle). And yes, they have a track record of undermining non-French initiatives.

To bring the subject back to cars, their top three are: Renault, Citroen and Peugeot. I learned to stay away from French cars at an early age due a really bad Renault my dad owned in the '70s. I did however rented some Renault's and Citroen's while travelling in Europe and particularly liked the Renault Laguna. The first time I experienced driving a car with a push button start similar to the E90's was in a Renault Megane, a car that is futuristic but butt ugly. The handling was nowhere near BMW standards but the car can actually go fast. The French car industry seems to be very agressive in styling, technology and improving the reliability of their cars. I also noticed that French cars seems to sell very well in Spain, Turkey, Greece, and in the U.K.. This aggressive stance is also reflected on Nissan cars, which is now mostly owned by Renault.

To answer the original question, I'm assuming that previous French bimmer drivers are now driving Renaults because they seem to be pushing car technologies like BMW and to show more of their nationalism.

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