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being against the war in Irak doesn t mean that you are against america !!!!
you can love america but doubt about the purpose of a war, like most of canadians do....

You can be thankfull to america and to us army for WW2 and still be against the irakian war......people in france and even here in canada didn t understood why critics were so strong against France (throwing away champagne and calling freedom fry was crazy !?!)

When you say that France didn t support USA after september 11th it s not right......France condemned the terrorist attack but said that it wasn t related to Irak and that doing this war was a mistake and would even produce more terrorism
Canada, Deutchland, Russia, China and many other countries were against this war as well....
France didn t support that war because it was convinced that it was a mistake....and the proof is that we never found weapons of mass destruction.....( weapons of mass distraction :-) )

Every one all around the world and even in USA know the real purpose of this war: black oil