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Originally Posted by M3Ron View Post
Signes - Did you happen to be in Boulder yesterday? Saw an '08 M3 Coupe (Jerez Black with Black interior) at a shopping center off of Baseline drive.

Car and colors looked fantastic! Can't tell from your pic. if that's the color scheme but yours looks great. I've got a Jerez Black/Fox Red on order. Great to see an M3 out there regardless of whose it is!

I live in Boulder and have a JB/Blk sedan. That may have been me. I've only seen a few other new M3s in Boulder. I've seen a Melbourne Red e92 and a couple grey e90s. One of them had a ski rack on it.

Love the picture. I took the M3 up to Snowmass and over Independence last Summer after it was broken-in. Fun road.
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