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Originally Posted by blklacker View Post
I respect your opinion, but
Dude... serious no really serious, Besides the (hood scoop)
1. Look at the Hood lines and the roof lines...
2. Look at all 4 windows, they are almost identical in size and shape. Even the rear 1/4 window is exactly the same.
3. rear and front fenders also look very similar also.
4. They are not the same car but they look very similar....

I can be a big boy and admit their are a few lines that don't run the same but to call me blind in that picture comparison is rubbish, if you seriously cannot admit both cars share some serious design similarities then
Well thank you for respecting my opinion, but I still disagree with your statements, and the points you just outlined.

1. I would say the rooflines are similar, but then again, most hatches these days have very similar profiles. The hood lines are vaguely similar in concept. Their execution is completely different. The Mazda lacks the large scoop, and the lines/surfacing of the hood in general are different. Flat images don't help, as one user posted.

2. The rear 1/4 window is similar, I'll give you that, but the shoulder line running along the bottom of the window is different. You can only do so much with windows, and I admit that the rear 1/4 is where most of the unique touches are made.

3. The front fenders, maybe. Going off of these pics alone, the front fenders are similar. I know for a fact that the surfaces of the rear fenders are entirely different. The STi has a broken line that runs down a blistered arch, whereas the Mazda3 has a traditional swollen fender. The pic completely betrays the STi's surfacing on the rear fender.

4. I'll just list what I see:
-Different headlights
-Different taillights
-Different surface language - The STi's is full of tension. The Mazda3's is bubbly.
-Different character lines, and different execution of said lines
-Different lower swage lines
-Different rockers
-Different bumpers
-Different wheels
-I could go on...the closest resemblance I can find besides the rear 1/4 window kink would be the overall grille shape.
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