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Originally Posted by ssam
I lived many years in France and what you are saying is completly wrong !!.....

What you should realize is that the new american foreign policy is hated all around the world.....not only in France....the Bush government is considered as arrogant and irespectfull off all the international laws
I'm sorry, ssam. I didn't mean to offend anyone. The truth is, I HAVEN'T ever lived in France, so I can't honestly say what anyone over there is thinking. I can't prove that they would act violent towards visiting Americans. I don't think they would, but then again, I don't know anyone over there who can speak for the general population and their overall feelings. When I say they hate us but we bailed them out in WWII, I'm only repeating what I've heard other people here say...that scenerio was pretty popular a few years ago.

But you have to admit, when everything was going on with the US trying to go war with Iraq back in 2003, France was the leader of the opposition. Now pretty much the whole world is against it. Even lots of people here think it was a mistake. I'm not going to argue my thoughts as to whether or not it was right, but I guess we Americans thought we'd have better support than we did.