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Originally Posted by smokinjoe64 View Post
The upgrade to 2-day school sounds enticing and practical. Was this possible by paying the difference from 1 to 2 day or what? Is this something BMW is open to with the complimentary offer? Anyone have insight on the process? I'd opt for this option since it seems a more efficient approach than making possibly two trips (airfare, time etc.)
Yes you can upgrade to the two day. They credit you the full price of the one day school towards the upgrade. If your a BMWCCA member they will then give you 20% off the remaining cost of the school. If your not join you will save way more than the cost to join.

You only get the helmet in the two day school. 1 day school no need to wear a helmet. We only wore helmets on the second day due to increased risk.

The helmet retails at the gift shop for $500 I am sure you can get a cheaper helmet elsewhere, but this one is cool!
You also get an M school jacket, polo shirt and cap and other schwag.

So if you deduct that from the cost to upgrade after the CCA discount, plus the extra night's stay, dinner lunch breakfast not to mention the fun and experience it's almost silly not to.

Or at least that's how I justified it...