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WTF are you speaking about?

I lived many years in France and what you are saying is completly wrong !!
French people do like americans....they were the first one who helped americans during the revolution....and the liberty statue at nyc is a gift from France !!

Considering what happening in the last few years is completly different.....French people HATE the way the american government is acting without any respect for the international laws (UNO, Kyoto, canadian wood...)

Saying that they don t like Bush is completly true but Clinton was famous there and the majority of french people liked him a lot....even after his affair with Monica

What you should realize is that the new american foreign policy is hated all around the world.....not only in France....the Bush government is considered as arrogant and irespectfull off all the international laws

And you are doing a big amalgam if you still consider that the war in Irak is related to September 11th......

thanx god all americans are not as ignorant as you are LEDZEP