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denial much

Originally Posted by Bimmer Loyalist View Post
You're blind if you think those two hatches look the same. They have one similar characteristic: the blistered front fenders. That's all. Everything else is different. Ok, ok, they have four wheels...I'll give you that one.

I think the STi is just as original as the 1er. They're both oddballs, and they both have unique styling cues (1er has fish eyes and a pronounced lower swage line, STi has broken character line and fat hood scoop).

I respect your opinion, but
Dude... serious no really serious, Besides the (hood scoop)
1. Look at the Hood lines and the roof lines...
2. Look at all 4 windows, they are almost identical in size and shape. Even the rear 1/4 window is exactly the same.
3. rear and front fenders also look very similar also.
4. They are not the same car but they look very similar....

I can be a big boy and admit their are a few lines that don't run the same but to call me blind in that picture comparison is rubbish, if you seriously cannot admit both cars share some serious design similarities then

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