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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by blklacker View Post
You can feel what you want about the 1er at least its new and original. It has a break out look from all other current bmw models. The 1er was not the title of the post. I was posting about the New STI and how ugly and un unique it looks. It looks worse than a mazda 3. A modded mazda 3 looks better than a modded sti IMO. Im not talking about performance im talking about looks. New STI is dam ugly

If the mazda didnt have a emblem you would think they were the same freaking car.... have fun driving a mazda with a STI badge. LOL
You're blind if you think those two hatches look the same. They have one similar characteristic: the blistered front fenders. That's all. Everything else is different. Ok, ok, they have four wheels...I'll give you that one.

I think the STi is just as original as the 1er. They're both oddballs, and they both have unique styling cues (1er has fish eyes and a pronounced lower swage line, STi has broken character line and fat hood scoop).
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damn, looks ARE objective
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