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Originally Posted by Mikewarlover View Post
Personally i love stis but i have to say the new one is ugly and for those who called the op an asshole ( or is referring), well he isn't. On the other hand the ones who called op an asshole are probably the real assholes cause in our society everyone is entitled to their opinion and has the freedom to express their opinion.
Funny how that only applies to the people making insulting comments to start with. Not to the people voicing their opinions in return, eh?

As I said before, there's the freedom to express any opinion that comes to your head, and then there's having tact (which is different than being PC!).

And if you express your tactless opinion on a public forum, then expect to have that opinion challenged. If you can't handle having the opinion challenged, don't post it. I mean, if someone walked up to you on the street and said, "dude. I think your girlfriend is fugly." Would you nod and say to yourelf, "gee, what a nice person for sharing his opinion." ? Or would you punch him in the face?
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