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Read my posts buddy, June 6, 1944 was D-day. Techinally June 1 was D-day but bad-weather cancelled it. So June 6 is the Normandy Invasion.
Jan, Feb, Mar, April, May, June
by my count June is the sixth month, which i would call the middle since we operate in a 12 month calendar year. so my post was completey accurate.
I know what you mean about Pearl Harbor, but care to check my post where i said European theater. Europe is no where near the Pacific ocean.
I know my History quite well.

By 1944 the Germans/Nazis were crushed at Stalingrad (19 August 1942 - 2 February 1943)
by '44 Leningrad was free (if i remember correctly) and the Largest tank battle took place already at Kursk.
To be honest, i still consider myself a Soviet Citizen, i learned this History well.