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Originally Posted by ska325xi View Post
I like it ...better than a 135
You sure? i think the 135 look really nice with the m tech kit especially in black or white i think it is a very good looking compact sedan. In fact the 1 series resembles the original 3 series a lot more than the current 3 series does.

Personally i love stis but i have to say the new one is ugly and for those who called the op an asshole ( or is referring), well he isn't. On the other hand the ones who called op an asshole are probably the real assholes cause in our society everyone is entitled to their opinion and has the freedom to express their opinion. I believe a lot of new designs are bad and just because its new doesn't mean everyone has to force themselves into loving it. Some cars are ugly and thats just fact. The truth is if you put a 335 and sti side by side and even switch the badge most people will vote for the 335. Fact is fact the sub is ugly as shit.
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