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Originally Posted by Radiation Joe View Post
I used PSCs as my street/track tires back in CA. I drove them in the rain on several occasions. They hydroplane and you have be careful, but that's no reason not to put them on. I would be very reluctant to run them on the track in the rain, however.

They don't like cold (less than 50 degrees) temperatures. You have to get a few laps into them before asking for 100% on cold days. They can break away quickly on cold days. Not the most forgiving tire, but well worth the compromises.
Yes, they are tolerable on the street in the rain. I was specifically wondering about their potential as a rain backup to the BFGs at the track, but what you are saying confirms my concerns. So, if it rains, I'll simply not go out until I go back to PS2s on the stock rims. Thanks.