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Have mercy!

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Originally Posted by Markoni View Post
WTF are you even talking about? Stamos, trolls - you're all over the place. I've never spoken to someone as slimey as you. Can't you just man up and answer shit honestly? You act like I study your posts and really give a shit. I'm not here to play childish games. I speak honestly. If you find it tough to do the same then maybe this place isn't for you.
um...actually, im not. i guess when someones life is a continuous maze of confusion, as yours obviously is, everything may seem all over the place, but no, my response was in no way 'all over the place.' youre just taking things that i have said to you and are now saying them to me, when they dont even apply.

if you must know, my real name is Dave Coulier. Its not really John Stamos.