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Have mercy!

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Originally Posted by Markoni View Post
^ Hahaha... You're John Stamos? And, after uttering such non-sense, you expect me to believe anything you've said thus far? Wow. You've spouted a lot of BS but that takes the cake.

Tell me, Mr. Stamos, what's your fave place to dine when you're out in Malibu? And what religion are you? Shouldn't be too tough to answer for someone who IS John Stamos.

BTW, just to clear it up, you're claiming to be John Stamos, the actor, right? Not John Stamos, some dickweed with the same name?
yes, im actually claiming to be the actor from full house. im not joking at all. ive already told you this is a troll account, but no, im totally serious when i tell you that im a tv star from the early 90s.

you are embarrassing.

or did i tear apart your argument so badly this time that this is all you have to resort to?